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Traveling with pets: What to keep in mind?

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When the holidays arrive there are always some unknowns when traveling if you have pets. In order to travel with pets, a different forecast is necessary and bear in mind that certain animal health regulations must be followed to avoid the spread of diseases that may be potentially transmissible to humans and other animals.

The most common is to travel with dogs or travel with cats , there are also those who go on vacation with ferrets, rabbits or other small animals usual in homes.

In the transfer of pets on holidays, it is the receiving countries that establish the requirements that the animals they receive must meet. That’s why the first thing to do to transport pets (or export them) is to contact the Embassy or the Consulate of the country of destination to know their import conditions for these goods .

Veterinary passport to travel with pets

Normally, the first thing that is usually required is the health certificate or passport of the animal , issued by the veterinarian. It certifies that our pet has the current clinical health exams, that he is able to travel and has the required vaccination updates (usually the rabies vaccine) at least 21 days before traveling (the first administration).

This certificate will have a maximum validity of 10 days, since its objective is to validate the state of health of the animal at the time it travels, but there are countries that even ask that the good health status of the pet be certified 48 hours before departure.

Keep in mind that even in countries of the European Union there are differences in the requirements for the sending of pets . The common requirement is that the animals have a localized microchip implanted and are vaccinated, as we have said, against rabies. However, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Finland and Malta also require that dogs be treated against the Echinococcus parasite.

If you travel outside the EU, the disparities in the requirements of the recipient countries when traveling with pets are even greater. Canada, for example, does not import Pitbull dogs in the province of Ontario. China requires that animals be quarantined for seven days at the airport and 23 days at home isolated whether we travel with them as a pet or export them as merchandise and Japan can hold your pet for up to 180 days if it does not meet your entry requirements . In many countries having the updated animal passport avoids the quarantine period.

Generic export certificate

In the case of Spain, once there is already a veterinary certificate to be able to travel with the pet, the Spanish veterinary authorities will issue their own sanitary certificate of generic export of companion animals, in a language that can be understood by the country of destination, and which varies depending on whether the country of destination is on the list of Regulation 998/2003 or not.

Mexico, Japan, India or Brazil, for example, require a specific export certificate . In these cases, it is not necessary to attach to these specific export certificates the health certificate or passport, since the latter will have been issued based on the information of the former, generally leaving the health certificate in the possession of the Agricultural Agency that issues the export certificate.

In order to request the issuance of generic health certificates for export to third countries of live animals, it is necessary to register as a user in CEXGAN (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment).

There are countries – few, already – that demand that the official export certificate of the Kingdom of Spain be legalized through the apostille of the Hague or consular recognition. The health certificate is not apostilled or consular recognition, only the export certificate.

More certifications to travel with pets

It is possible that some countries require the issuance of other types of certificates to travel with pets , such as a specific import certificate. In Australia, for example, dogs and cats need an import permit from AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service), and in Israel an import license issued by the Director of Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is required.

The Embassy or Consulate of each country will explain if there is a specific import certificate. In general, there is no systematic communication between the competent authorities of the different countries about their changes in animal import regulations, and sometimes sanitary authorities and animal health inspectors do not have the most up-to-date information on the procedures of other countries. That is why it is essential that we make the request for information to the Embassy or Consulate of the country of destination every time we travel with pets.

The trip with your pet

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If you are traveling with pets by plane , you should bear in mind that in most airlines, animals can travel in the hold or in the cabin according to their size. The first thing to do is to provide them with a suitable carrier: comfortable for the size of the animal, resistant (to shock and waterproof bottom), safe (that allows to close it well) and with adequate ventilation. Hand-made receptacles are not served, such as holed boxes or containers designed for other purposes.

Before traveling, you must call the customer service of airlines or maritime to report their own regulations and conditions for traveling with pets. Some do not allow the transport of ferrets and other animals of the mustelid family, for example, and all are accustomed to charging fees.

Traveling with pets by car does not exempt you from fulfilling the same requirements to enter the country. They can stop you at customs and ask for the required documentation, and if we do not comply, they can leave our pet in strict quarantine for periods that can be very long.

If you follow these guidelines you should not have any problem when traveling with pets , which can accompany you so that you enjoy your company anywhere in the world.

Work and make a career in Lille

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Who recruits executives in Lille?

Impossible to speak of the capital of the Hauts-de-France without mentioning the distribution . And especially the e-commerce aspect , which is not really new, but still generates employment . “We have regular requests for functions related to e-payment, digital, data, illustrates Patrick Favre. Employers are looking for people who can handle all the information to better organize customer service . For example, “a few companies were already at the forefront of e-commerce a decade ago and now account for a significant share of their sales. Distance selling has also incorporated tech profiles for a better impact on the net, “says Jean-Michel Cambrai, who nevertheless recalls that” the Hauts-de-France region is a logistics platform on its own and the profiles sought are the same for all logistics providers, and are therefore difficult to find. “

The supply chain is also impacted by these consumption patterns. This is what Patrick Favre notes: “Services on the choices offered and delivery times are changing, which leads to skills needs in logistics and stream optimization. This is a real regional trend that can be explained by the large presence of retail players. And as Pierre-Luc Rigal, Deputy Regional Director of the Hays Nord office points out, “the impact of the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has resulted in many recruitments.

The region also hosts many construction companies , whether large groups such as Eiffage, Vinci, or Bouygues, or SMEs. Several projects are expected to bring jobs at the end of 2018, even years to come, starting with Lillenium , quoted by Pierre-Luc Rigal: “Construction has begun for this large commercial, leisure and office area which, with its 60,000 square meters, will reinvigorate the South of Lille, a space previously a little neglected. Overall, the construction industry has the same needs as before the crisis: engineers, experienced construction managers, contractors to monitor operations, but also a revival on the profiles of architects, because it is necessary to design the projects . “

According to the Pôle emploi workforce needs survey, in Hauts-de-France, the management jobs on which employers expect the most difficulties to recruit are engineers and administrative and maintenance managers in France. informatics, doctors, pharmacists, real estate agents, engineers, R & D study executives, and IT managers, engineers and executives in manufacturing and production, quality control production methods engineers, human resources executives and recruitment, engineers and executives R & D industry, and engineers and technical-sales executives.

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The most of the city: a real European crossroads

If it has long suffered from a bad image, Lille is in the process of restoring its image. In addition to a very good service (train, tram, metro and bus), it has the great advantage of being on the border between the main capitals of Europe, one hour from Paris, three from Amsterdam, and 1h30 from London and Brussels . It is also, as Pierre-Luc Rigal reminds us, “a very young city, student, dynamic as well as economically and culturally as sports, carrying projects and always changing. It knows how to adapt to societal changes, as it did by making the city center pedestrians and bicycles, inspired by the countries of the North. It is also close to both the sea and the countryside. And this reputation of hateful weather? “121 days of rain a year, only 10 more than in Paris! “Protests Pascaline Leignel.

Less in the city: less and less access

The disadvantages are rather less, according to Pierre-Luc Rigal, who admits all the same that “the pedestrianization of the center which was intended to unclog the city has, in return, congested the access roads to the city. “

The business districts of Lille

Lille has six competitiveness clusters and five sites of excellence! Pascaline Leignel, director of Pôle emploi agency, lists these: ” EuraTechnologies is home to 140 companies including big names such as Microsoft, Capgemini, or IBM and organizes 500 events a year for the promotion of French Tech. Eurasanté is the largest university hospital campus in Europe with 7 hospitals and 50 research laboratories. Euralille , in the East of the city is a business district on the tertiary and trade, which hosts companies of finance, insurance, telecommunications, consulting and informatics. For scientific and technological research, innovation and sustainable development, we have the European Science Park of Haute Borne . Finally, the Union area includes two sectors of excellence: one focused on the image and the cultural industries, the other on innovative textiles.”

Get quick and easy installment loans in minutes

Restructuring of loan-free loans – how?

Typically, the repayment of repayment-free loans in connection with mortgage loans in the bank usually has a maturity of approximately 20-30 years.

Especially when your 30-year loan-free loan is about to cease, it’s a good idea to consider refinancing your loan at the bank.

If you want a conversion of loan-free loans, you can typically choose to:

  1. Continue with the loan and thereby use the remaining maturity to pay off the loan.
  2. Convert to an online installment loans not payday loans, so your performance will increase.
  3. Convert to a new 30-year repayment-free loan that will postpone your payment of repayments.

It is recommended that even if your loan-free loan only ends in 2-4 years, you should already consider the conversion loan.

This is because interest rate rises may arise, which will give you a less good interest rate than the one you currently have.

It may, therefore, be necessary to consider restructuring of repayment-free loans before the maturity of your loan is running out.

Repayment-free loan: Expires your loan?

Especially in the case of mortgages, questions may arise when your loan-free loan expires.

First and foremost, there may be doubts about how to shop from here.

If your loan-free loan expires, you usually have the following options:

  • Pay off your loan as planned without doing your other.
  • Share your remaining unpaid clicks over a longer period of time, so you step by step will get used to a higher monthly fee.
  • Refinance your loan for a new loan with or without repayment.

We recommend that you relate to the expiration of your repayment loan as quickly as possible.

This way you are better able to plan and prepare your finances to handle your loan-free loan.

Advantages and disadvantages of repayment-free loans

Before you decide to take out a loan with installable months, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of loan-free loans that you should be aware of.

Whether you are considering a loan-free loan in connection with housing or consumption, a number of factors will be in play.

Benefits of loan-free loans

The main advantage of these payday loans via is that you have more money available.

You get extra air in the economy to pay off other expensive debts you may have.

For example, if you have taken up a mortgage and mortgage in connection with home loans, your mortgage in the bank will typically be more expensive compared to the mortgage.

If we follow the avalanche strategy, it is always best to pay off the expensive loan first and as soon as possible.

You can, therefore, use the deductible period to increase your payment on the expensive loan.

In addition, repayment-free loans may be an advantage if you want to invest in, for example, equities, bonds or override more money for your pension savings.

Here, however, you must be sure that your earnings are greater than the costs associated with the repayment-free loan.

We, therefore, recommend that you make many calculations and seek guidance from an expert or banking adviser.

Unpaid Loans: Advantages

  • More money available in the deduction period.
  • Economic room for repayment of other expensive debts.
  • Investment in shares, pensions or other.

Drawbacks of repayment-free loans

Although repayment-free loans can be an advantageous solution, there are also certain disadvantages that are included.

First and foremost, your credit costs will typically increase as you simply postpone your payments.

You will still have to pay the interest the loan increases with, so the principal stays the same. The remaining debt will, therefore, be no less of choosing repayment periods.

Since the maturity of the loan is not changed, it means that after a repayment period, you will have a principal to be paid within the agreed time, so the repayments will be higher.

For these loans, the repayment period is normally offered for a few years depending on the term of the loan.

This is because you have to pay interest on the borrowed amount as interest on the interest until you start repaying the loan amount.

NOTE! If your financial situation does not improve after the repayment period, some may seem unavoidable to repay the outstanding debt as the repayments due for future payment have now become higher.

In addition, there may be a sudden increase in your costs when the installment period ends.

It is normal that the interest rate rises after the repayment period ends, why your loan can be increased if you do not repay the loan on time.

Non-repayable loans: Disadvantages

  • Higher credit costs.
  • Interest and fees are no less – on the contrary.
  • The chair remains the same in the repayment periods.