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Who recruits executives in Lille?

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Impossible to speak of the capital of the Hauts-de-France without mentioning the distribution . And especially the e-commerce aspect , which is not really new, but still generates employment . “We have regular requests for functions related to e-payment, digital, data, illustrates Patrick Favre. Employers are looking for people who can handle all the information to better organize customer service . For example, “a few companies were already at the forefront of e-commerce a decade ago and now account for a significant share of their sales. Distance selling has also incorporated tech profiles for a better impact on the net, “says Jean-Michel Cambrai, who nevertheless recalls that” the Hauts-de-France region is a logistics platform on its own and the profiles sought are the same for all logistics providers, and are therefore difficult to find. ”

The supply chain is also impacted by these consumption patterns. This is what Patrick Favre notes: “Services on the choices offered and delivery times are changing, which leads to skills needs in logistics and stream optimization. This is a real regional trend that can be explained by the large presence of retail players. And as Pierre-Luc Rigal, Deputy Regional Director of the Hays Nord office points out, “the impact of the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has resulted in many recruitments. ”

The region also hosts many construction companies , whether large groups such as Eiffage, Vinci, or Bouygues, or SMEs. Several projects are expected to bring jobs at the end of 2018, even years to come, starting with Lillenium , quoted by Pierre-Luc Rigal: “Construction has begun for this large commercial, leisure and office area which, with its 60,000 square meters, will reinvigorate the South of Lille, a space previously a little neglected. Overall, the construction industry has the same needs as before the crisis: engineers, experienced construction managers, contractors to monitor operations, but also a revival on the profiles of architects, because it is necessary to design the projects . ”

According to the Pôle emploi workforce needs survey, in Hauts-de-France, the management jobs on which employers expect the most difficulties to recruit are engineers and administrative and maintenance managers in France. informatics, doctors, pharmacists, real estate agents, engineers, R & D study executives, and IT managers, engineers and executives in manufacturing and production, quality control production methods engineers, human resources executives and recruitment, engineers and executives R & D industry, and engineers and technical-sales executives.

The most of the city: a real European crossroads

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If it has long suffered from a bad image, Lille is in the process of restoring its image. In addition to a very good service (train, tram, metro and bus), it has the great advantage of being on the border between the main capitals of Europe, one hour from Paris, three from Amsterdam, and 1h30 from London and Brussels . It is also, as Pierre-Luc Rigal reminds us, “a very young city, student, dynamic as well as economically and culturally as sports, carrying projects and always changing. It knows how to adapt to societal changes, as it did by making the city center pedestrians and bicycles, inspired by the countries of the North. It is also close to both the sea and the countryside. And this reputation of hateful weather? “121 days of rain a year, only 10 more than in Paris! “Protests Pascaline Leignel.

Less in the city: less and less access

The disadvantages are rather less, according to Pierre-Luc Rigal, who admits all the same that “the pedestrianization of the center which was intended to unclog the city has, in return, congested the access roads to the city. ”

The business districts of Lille

Lille has six competitiveness clusters and five sites of excellence! Pascaline Leignel, director of Pôle emploi agency, lists these: ” EuraTechnologies is home to 140 companies including big names such as Microsoft, Capgemini, or IBM and organizes 500 events a year for the promotion of French Tech. Eurasanté is the largest university hospital campus in Europe with 7 hospitals and 50 research laboratories. Euralille , in the East of the city is a business district on the tertiary and trade, which hosts companies of finance, insurance, telecommunications, consulting and informatics. For scientific and technological research, innovation and sustainable development, we have the European Science Park of Haute Borne . Finally, the Union area includes two sectors of excellence: one focused on the image and the cultural industries, the other on innovative textiles.”