The EU monitors imports of aluminum

The EU monitors imports of aluminum

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Last April, the European Commission published the new regulation by which imports of certain aluminum products from third countries are subject to prior surveillance of the European Union (EU).

The new system will request an import license , which will be granted automatically, to those companies that want to import aluminum products. In this way the Commission can have a real-time review of trade flows.

With this measure the EU wants to anticipate the possible distortions in the European market that can be produced by the tariffs of 10% of the United States to the imports of several countries.

Protect European aluminum producers

The sum of some factors such as the reduction of world prices , the excess of aluminum production capacity in China and the increase of import duties on a wide range of products in the United States mean that some type of diversion can occur. trade and lower prices in the EU. Therefore, we want to avoid generating any type of damage to the vulnerable European industry.

Anticipation of market changes

With this initiative, the European Commission will be able to effectively monitor the import trends of aluminum . The system pursues statistical objectives, taking into account that the license is granted automatically, it should not affect trade flows, but it can provide data to anticipate abrupt changes in the aluminum trade and, if necessary, act accordingly. with the World Trade Organization to prevent any kind of economic damage to European producers.

Therefore, the release for free circulation of certain aluminum products must be subject to the submission of a surveillance document issued by the competent authorities designated by a Member State (DOVI).

Imports whose net weight does not exceed 2.5 tonnes as well as products from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are excluded from the application of this Regulation.

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